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Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year - New Start

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I hope the year gets off to a rollicking good start for you. 

It is indeed an open book - what will I write in this blog in 2017 and what will I get to read about in this spanking community? 

Here are a few things that my wife and I talked about in bed over Christmas, when we were thinking about our relationship and how it might get livened up in 2017. I made a list to remind us both what was said.

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“ 💕 ☺️ 💕

1. Allow  spanking to become a part of our daily routine.

2. Let pain give me the strength to take on new tasks
3. Hurt me more than I can bear with the cane
4. Embrace my submission.
5. Learn from my mistakes and ask for punishments

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6. Each stroke should teach me a lesson.
7. Allow obedience to instruct my every thought
8. Rekindle the passion in our bed
9.   Allow my wife to dominate and inspire me to work harder
10. Tell each other our deepest desires.

If it is a New Year's plan of yours to start a Female Led Relationship, and you want your partner to spank you or you want to find out how to start disciplining your man, but you don't know how to suggest either activity,  then take a look at How to spank your man  and read what Ms Wilder has to say on the subject 

and then at The disciplinary wives club

Bonne fessee in 2017 

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  1. I wish that all you goals are achieved in 2017. Have a spanking New Year!

    1. Thanks Humble. Have a good start to the year.

  2. Discipline is the key to a good FLR :) How are you doing through the year, three months later?


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