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Friday, 6 January 2017

Naughty start to the year.

There are a couple of things that you should not do in our house if you are the disciplined male.

Unfortunately I got caught doing three of them in quick succession in the first few  days of 2017.

Now you might think that because it is the holiday season and the New Year that one might be let off with a warning, but that is not the case with S, my Mistress and Wife.

Number one, I answered back. We were both rushing to get to work and I snapped at her when she asked me where her car keys were. I had taken her car to a wash and not put the keys back in the rack.

Number two, she caught me wanking last Sunday afternoon. She had gone out for a walk in the nearby woods with a friend from the village and I was supposed to be getting a bedroom prepared for decorating next weekend. I got distracted and lay on the bed, letting my imagination go wild and she came in and found me with my pants down and my hand on my cock.

Number three, I forgot to pay the December credit card bill and she got the reminder call. I also got that look from her about the call, so I am sure she will take it out on my bottom.

So my demerit list, which had gone down to zero just before Christmas, when I got the painful session with the new cane, which I haven't written up in the blog as yet, has now gone up to 36 strokes in less than 6 days.


  1. Simple solution, she washes her own car, pays the bills, cleans the house and you can wank any time you want to.

  2. did you 'do' all these things in order to get a good caning?

  3. This is ridiculous.

    You are a grown man. You don't need a woman to hit you with a stick to know the difference between right and wrong.

    Mistakes are made and adults realize them and do their best not to repeat them.

    Adults don't need to be hit with sticks to know this.

    If you are doing this as some kind of role play, ok. It is not my thing. I want my man to be masculine, not effeminate and need a woman to lead him around.

    If this is not role play, then man up and take the cane and whack her with it until she can't sit for several days and tell her enough is enough. I am a man and you will treat me with respect!


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