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Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween

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Tim had become  friendly with the nurse who had cared for his  Mother in her last years. They had frequently sat together in the large house, which had been his family home during childhood  and from which  his Mother had refused to move.

When he had gone to visit his frail parent, the 34 year old Sarah had often cooked him a meal  whilst he sat  going through papers and bills. He had paid Sarah from the generous legacy left over from his Father's business.

Once the death was all over and Tim had taken over what was left of the family monetary assets he had gone to clear the house out before selling it, Sarah had offered to help. He had given her many items of value that he had not wanted. 

She said that she had taken away a few things that his Mother had given her during her time working  at the house and she wanted Tim to know that they had not been stolen. He told her that was fine and he had no real interest in anything from the house and whatever she had taken she was welcome to.

It was a few years later that they came across each other in a shopping mall. They chatted and went for a coffee. Tim asked Sarah if she would like to go out ? You mean go out on a date? Yes, Tim said. Would tonight be OK?

You do know what night it is, Sarah asked.? I'm going to a party but you're welcome along. It's kind of a special group of friends. 

Later that night when Tim had taken her home he found out a lot more about Sarah's particular interests. 

Your Mother told me all about how she brought you up, Sarah confided over a nightcap, and how you nearly went off the rails when you got into the wrong crowd. 

She must have been psychic, because she said I should have that cane that was kept in the cupboard at your house and that it would come in useful one day. Shall I go get it?

Tim nodded. He could feel his Mother's presence in the room and he shivered as he took down his trousers and waited.

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  1. Love her eyes. New Orleans would be my guess for location.


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