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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Thought for the day.

When I stopped blogging a month or so back, I thought I would give Tumblr a go. I set up more than one Tumblr site to explore my interest in submission, a second one with FLR  domestic discipline and then a third about the delightful aspects of the female bottom.

I enjoyed getting to grips with Tumblr and the techniques of posting, but I did not find it a very stimulating experience so far as developing a fascinating site on the subject of spanking. 

So, after this short break, I will return to this Blogger space and hope to find interesting things to say.

There may be more than the occasional foray into female bottoms and female spanking in the future, because I have already covered a lot of domestic discipline of males in the past. 

Variety might be the spice of new life so far as this blog is concerned.

Here is a scene where I am not sure what the outcome might be. Any thoughts?


Look forward to your comments. It is nice to get feedback.