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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Three years, 500 posts and now a million page views

Thanks  a million! 

Yesterday I reached one million page views which gave me quite a buzz.  

I had been watching the numbers climb over recent weeks and it was satisfying to be reaching out to so many people in so many countries.

I know that some of you spanking bloggers are streets ahead of me on this count with many millions of hits  so well done you.

Spanking has been a part of my life since I was young. 

I was spanked by my parents, with her hand by my mom and the cane by my dad, and then a female older relative spanked me hard with her hairbrush on quite  a few occasions. 

I was caned about nine times by my headmaster and received the plimsoll on my shorts from a number of different teachers. The gym teacher gave the hardest whacks probably because he had the fitness levels and I was wearing only  thin white gym shorts. 

I had a couple of boy spankings from a friend when I was about thirteen and we were both exploring sex and our erections. I can remember scorching his bottom with a spanking or two.

I did my fair share of attempting to smack young ladies bottoms when in my late teens and early twenties. I was on the receiving end of  my first girlfriend spanking when I was about 17. She only agreed to be spanked if I did too.

The woman I eventually fell in love with and married, is not a spanko but she has graciously accepted my kink and plays with good grace and passion.She was willing to dress up and take light spanks in the early years of our marriage but that tailed off and now she only occasionally submits to a spanking, usually after a drink or two.

She gives very hard and imaginative punishments to me and has come to enjoy being the HOH.

I asked her if we could enter an FLR and she agreed. She has kept me in my place ever since.

My blog writing goes in fits and starts but I want to thank you all for visiting when I do have something to say.

In the meantime, here are a few images which influenced my interest in spanking and gave me something to do with my right hand.


CA-2: Naughty Neighbour
Christa (Kiri) is a hapless young lady whose dog has been digging in neighbour Alexis Payne’s garden. A simple apology does not suffice and Kiri soon finds herself disciplined by the swift and sure hand of the forceful Ms. Payne. Exotic Alexis insists that cute Christa repay the loss, or face a day in court. Hopelessly broke, Christa grudgingly agrees to repay the damages in spankings instead of cash. But once the spanking debt is repaid, Alexis finds even more reasons to keep Christa’s red bottom over her knee. Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.  naughty, ungrateful, rebellious girl’s like you just never appreciate how hard the teachers in this school work to keep you disciplined


Two naked females locked in an embrace. The image would suggest
that the blond girl is probably heterosexual and is being forced into having a lesbian
encounter. She is clearly an unwilling participant as she is being encouraged by
means of a whip on her bare bottom. The whip is wielded by someone out of sight,
possibly it is a female friend of the older looking dark haired woman. It would
be nice to think she will be made to service both women, the whip being used
frequently to enforce her obedience, and that she will find the sexual experience
thoroughly disgusting.



on germany..



Who’s the teacher, I wonder.

How to have a contented marriage.


And here in a submissive role is where I have ended up many years later.

 I am fortunate to have been able to enjoy my spanking kink.

Now, by the time I get back you had better have finished the ironing…




Yes Ma'am.

As a business owner, she will not stand for her male employees to make mistakes that affect her bottom line, so they receive bottom lines.

‘I said bend right over my desk and get your bottom up, Robert.’


Just love the look on her face, so proud and content with the efforts of her pup.

I do this, though usually my Wife is sitting in an armchair and I am kneeling…                                       

Thanks again for visiting.


  1. Michael,

    Congratulations on 3 years blogging and your million hits. I really enjoy visiting but don't always comment. You are a lucky man to have a wife who is happy to participate.

    Here's to many more.


    1. Hi Ronnie
      It is great to know that you a are regular visitor. Thanks.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog even tho we come at spanking from different directions. Had you married a Bacall you might be in my situation. You might have been happy with a switchy wife. It sure seems you are happy in your FLR.

    I should say I read your blog because it stands out with some class. The words and images are a step above the rest.

    1. Ho OBB, it is always good to exchange views with you. Thanks for the nice words. Michael

  3. Congratulations on your first million! Let's hope you make it two very soon!

    I really like your blog and especially your stories -- in fact, it's time we had a new one to celebrate your success.

    Well done -- keep up the good work/

    1. Hello HH. Many thanks for being a frequent visitor.I will try and get that story written. Michael

  4. I have very much enjoyed your blog and congratulate you on keeping it going.


    1. Thanks for the support and nice words Baxter. Michael.

  5. Congratulations! I wonder how long before FLR becomes as public as - say - poly?

    1. Thanks Giles, nice to hear from a new reader. I am sure FLR will start to appear in the Media over the next couple of years.

  6. Congrats for your 1st million fellow spanking lover ! : )
    (and thank you for the pretty drawings on this post)


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