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Friday, 25 September 2015

Deserving of a punishment

I am feeling a little nervous right now. In a few hours I will be bending over for a thrashing which, whilst well deserved, will not be pleasurable at all.

I omitted to put a cheque into the bank and forgot to tell S, my wife. The result was an overdrawn account and 3 bounced cheques for which the lovely bank charged us three return fees, totalling £75.00

So you have probably rightly guessed the number of strokes I am going to receive.

S will not be holding back and I don't suppose she should. Hey ho.


  1. Yes I would say that deserves a very hard spanking I hope she gives it to you good. Let me think three checks for a total of 75. How about three spankings totaling 75 each time to help you remember.

  2. Agree that you deserve what you get from your loving wife.



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