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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Don't care? I do now after that spoon

“What did you just say?”


“Yes you did. You said something about not caring"

“Well maybe, anyway it isn’t important.” .

“I seem to remember that, Don’t care was Made to care, wasn’t he? That’s how Nanny taught him a lesson in life.”

“Oh come on, I only said it because you were hassling me.”

“Well in that case what I am about do will just be more hassle for you. Drop your trousers!”

I looked at her and saw she meant business. I got up from the table where we had been having our supper and slowly I undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor. I got a bit stiff inside my pants and adjusted myself

“Leave that alone and go to the island and then bend over with your arms flat on the top. “

Looking foolish no doubt, I shuffled into position with my trousers flapping around my ankles. I watched her move from the table to the worktop, nervous but excited at the same time, as she made her way across the room and then I heard, rather than saw, the wooden spoon being taken out of the utility jar with a rattle. I was curious as to which one it might be but I knew in my heart that she would select the large jam spoon. Sixteen inches long with a very round end.

“Take off your shoes and get rid of that tangle round your feet.”

Hopping from one foot to the other I slipped off my deck shoes and chinos and stretched out across the cool granite top. Because it was summer (or supposed to be at any rate) I was without socks, so I went up on to my barefoot toes, haunches stretched in the way she likes my bottom to be presented.

Slowly she ran the tip off the spoon across my tight cheeks and in between my legs. I shivered with anticipation. Then she raised her arm and struck.

“So now, whack, you are, whack, going to, whack, care aren’t you? whack”

“Yes. Ouch that hurts.”

“It will hurt a lot more before I’m finished so take it quietly and learn your lesson, just like the naughty boy you are. I am going to spank you very hard.”

I always get aroused when she uses words like naughty and spank hard. I just can’t help it and my prick popped its head above the elastic of the pants.

“Uugh. More naughtiness. Nanny will just have to punish you for that as well.”

“I didn't mean for it to happen.I am sorry. “ I tried to push the offending item back in its pouch but it wouldn't budge."

“You will be.”

The spoon stung the tops of my kegs and my wife laid it on with a flurry of spanks that got right to the heart of the matter and the pain penetrated  to the center of my bottom cheeks. The pants gave no protection whatsoever and any way she never removes them in the kitchen for hygiene reasons.

After maybe thirty sharp spanks I begged her to stop, and repeated that I was sorry.

“Don’t be ridiculous I am not stopping till I’m good and ready.”

She spanked me lower down my bare legs in a steady pattern, one two one tow on each leg. Then the spanks moved up and up and onto the side of each cheek.

I’m sorry Nanny, I’m sorry.” I yelped and wriggled. ”I really do care that I forgot to pay the credit card bill and I really do care that we will have to pay extra interest.

I don't know where all the nanny business came from - it just seemed appropriate since she had started off using it.

“Good ,” she said, dropping the spoon onto the table top. “Now stand up  and get on with the washing up.Stay just like you are and when you’re finished I will take you over her knee with the hairbrush.”

My wife stomped out if the room to watch the end of the tennis on TV and I coveted the feeling in my roasted butt. It was sore but I had deserved my spanking and I felt a rosy glow of a submissive. My head was clear after days of fuzziness and I still had a dose of hairbrush to come. You can learn a lot from a good Nanny.


  1. I've learned not to say "I've learned my lesson, or I've sore enough". It is always over the lap, she bares my bottom, and once finished I stand facing the wall. If she is really peed at me, I have seconds to be naked, and once the spanking is over, a good half hour or more facing the wall. Erections, she could care less, it goes limp quickly once the spanking begins.

  2. I have found that when people say 'I don't care' they usually mean 'I don't want to care'. A nice attitude adjustment story :)

  3. I just discovered this blog yesterday and couldn't t stop reading it. The interesting thing is that I consider my interest in spanking to be primarily M/F, yet I as transfixed by all your rich and varied stories of thrashings, humiliation and submission.

    What thrilled me most was your accounts of your wife's acerbic put downs and scoldings, It would seem that she has a remarkable gift for reminding you of your place as the submissive in the household and making you feel like a humble contrite naughyt little boy with a crisp but succinct turn of phrase. To quote a couple examples from this blog post:

    “I seem to remember that, Don’t care was Made to care, wasn’t he? That’s how Nanny taught him a lesson in life.”

    “Well in that case what I am about do will just be more hassle for you. Drop your trousers!”

    “Take off your shoes and get rid of that tangle round your feet.”

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