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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Back to the house

Sorry that it has been a week since I was last in front of my laptop and able to write on the web. 

The world seems to be in turmoil at the moment with bad news everywhere you turn. 

As my wife would have it, apart from the natural disasters, none of this would be happening if the world was run by women.

Spanking blogs seem to have sprung into activity now that summer is nearly over in the North. There has been a lot of catching up to do on my favourite sites.

I need to get back into the writing  habit. I wasn't short of ideas whilst I was away, just short on time to get them down on paper.

I still haven't been given the OK to orgasm and it is now over two weeks. My wife teased me with some phone sex whilst I was away but insisted that I only rub myself and tell her when I was near the point of coming and stop.

I am in need of a good thrashing and hoping that something will happen on this score very soon. 

I asked my wife if I could purchase a new cane with some of the money I earned on the contract and she has said she would consider it.

Time to get on with some household chores now.


  1. I hope you are told to present your bottom soon for the thrashing you are in need of. And if you are real good maybe she will let you bring yourself to orgasm while being spanked.

    1. I will let you know what happens. thanks


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