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Monday, 19 August 2013


I seek a dominant woman to take me,
Away from the light into the dark.
Where pain will replace the sullen sameness
Of a life half lived, spent in waiting
For the beauty of an angel who would lift
Her pretty arm and bend me to her will..

The stern beauty of this strong female
Would release me from the ties of drudge and
Let me lie across soft pillows whilst thorns of her whip lazily
Beat my skin into the red of a rose and,
In time with the rise and fall of her crop, I would
Lift and lower my body to receive the truth.

With slow deep breath, my chest will rise and fall, 
To the rythym of beating strokes sending a message
Of pain flooding into my heart; breaking
My mind into pieces of submission and loyal service.
I know this woman is out there and I know what she looks like.
I just need to find her.

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