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Monday, 26 August 2013

Deviations in the mind

My wife isn't working today, Monday, as it is a public holiday over here. So last night we stayed up late watching some DVD's which we hadn't got around to seeing and finally climbed into bed after midnight. 

We lay there for a while, then my wife pulled down her PF bottoms and tapped my head with her finger, indicating that I should go down on her.

I got into a kneeling position and leaning on one side she yanked off my pants and began to caress my bottom. 

Licking her midfriff and inner thighs I got closer to the triangle with little blow kisses and then discovered quite a lot of curly hair. My wife usually keeps herself very well trimmed so this was an unusual state of affairs.

What was more unusual was the sudden thought that flashed through my mind that I was actully going down on a penis. 

The amount of hair I encountered had made me think of male genitalia and not smooth female vaginas. The idea stuck and in my head I expanded on it. Here I was sucking a cock of some stranger and wife was standing behind me telling me to do a good job. She was thrashing me with some sort of switch whilst I bobbed my head up and down.

As I sucked on the real vagina I framed my lips into an O and made sort of pushing movements with my chin so that I came up hard against her pelvic bone and underside of her mons. She wriggled a lot and I wasn't sure if it was pleasurable for her. I got the message that it might be when she started to use her nail and fingertip around the edge of my anus. I thrust my bottom back trying to get her to go further but she just teased me. She knows I get really hard on any suggestion of anal play.

 My fantasy of sucking cock became more vivid in my head and I visualised myself taking more of the prick into my mouth as the switch cut harder imaginary strokes on my bottom.

My wife came in a writhing of hips and legs and when she was calm I lay there, just licking her cunt in slow movements. When I felt she was ready again I started to push my mouth on her but she pulled at my hair to indicate that she wanted to carry on alone with her own fingers. She can give herself orgasm after orgasm this way once I have brought her off orally.

I lay on my back and watched her play and took my own prick in my hand. As I pumped away I restarted the blow job fantasy in my head and watched myself in my imagination getting the thrashing of a lifetime whilst the man refused to come. I imagined that I had been set a challenge to be whipped until I brought him off. The harder I tried the more he held back and the more I was thrashed. 

Nearing my own climax I asked my wife if I could come?

She said no and I had to let go of my prick.

Maybe tomorrow if you're a good boy, she said.

I got up from the bed and with my erection falling away to nothing, I retrieved her pyjama bottoms from the floor. Bending  over her body  I carefully turned the trousers the right way out and rolled them up over her legs. She lifted her bottom to let me pull them to her waist and I spent a few seconds letting the palm of my hand caress her bare bottom cheeks. I ached to roll her over on her tummy and spank her but I knew that was a no-no.

By the time I was back in bed she was asleep.

Sweet dreams my love.

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