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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Learning my place

The marks on my bottom, left there on Sunday from a very extensive punishment caning, have just about gone. My wife asked to look at them yesterday morning and noted that there were just a few lines on one side. She joked that she might freshen up the redness this weekend. 

Last evening I was preparing dinner when the phone rang. It was her telling me that she was going to have a drink after work and would be home later on. I must have sounded peeved because she asked what was wrong.

"Nothing. I just cooked a nice meal that's all."

"Well darling, it will just have to wait won't it.! Partners do this to their spouses all the time don't they?  Husbands are always ringing up to say they are going to be late for some reason or another and the wife just has to grin a nd bear it. So this time it's my house-husband who will be doing the waiting."

She switched off her mobile. So that was that.

About  two hours later there was a text pinging on my phone. 

    "Put yourself in the corner. I will be home soon." 

I had the dinner ready so I did as instructed. 

The front door slammed and I heard the steps on the stairs. She flounced into the room and lectured me about being the submissive and doing what I was told and how if she decided to do something she would damn well do it. I stood there nose pressed against the wall and not daring to say a word.

"Now get downstairs and get the meal on the table. I will take off my make-up and be down in a while."

As I left the room she gave me one more instruction.

"And dig out the Punishment book. I will add this sullen behaviour to the list and deal with you at the weekend."

"But the list was cleared on Sunday."

"Are you arguing with me?"

"No ma'am"

"Good and for your information that caning was for the parking alone. nothing to do with the list."

Hey ho. 


  1. Michael,

    I guess their will be a nice glow inside your home during the weekend, and not from a fireplace.


  2. Hi I think that is on the cards.


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