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Thursday, 21 March 2013

A spanking on a Mediterranean Island

Well, it looks like the sparks will fly this week, now that the inhabitants of a certain island in the Med have told the European mainlanders to keep their hands out of their wallets. 

The vodka trail looks promising, as they might mortgage their petroleum and gas fields, which they haven't really found yet, to the ruskies and live to enjoy the sun for a few more years.

It was only last week, before any of this financial scare,  that  my wife and I talked of going back there for another summer break.

I had one of the best and well deserved holiday spankings on that island. 

I went off on  a fishing trip, with a couple of blokes from other  hotels on the island and stayed later than I should have done, drinking in a bar on the quay.

I had told my wife that I would be back at the hotel by 4pm. 

She was OK about me leaving her for most of the day in the hotel but said that she did not want to be a fishing widow on her holiday, so I should get back as soon as possible.

I had to have one drink (of course) with the lads when we got back on shore but I showed no self- discipline and one drink turned into many.

By the time I got a taxi and arrived back at the hotel it was 6.30

I did  not have a second key for the room so I had to knock on the door and the welcome I received was frosty to say the least.

Once inside the room I was pulled over my wife’s lap and spanked hard with her plastic resin hairbrush. 
When she felt my growing erection on her thigh she made me stand and go for a cold shower which she supervised and I was then back over her knee for a second round of blistering spanks. This time with a leather soled sandal which  was almost like a dense wood landing on my bare cheeks.

The wall construction in that part of the world is nothing more than single hollow block with some plaster and since we could hear people next door making holiday love I am sure that they would have heard my spanking.

I stayed close to my wife for the rest of the holiday and made sure she had everything she wanted.


  1. Michael.

    I bet you were happy your wife did not have a cane on holiday. Or, knowing your blog, maybe you wish she had one.


    PS See spam above. I am getting lots of it.

  2. I'm on your wife's side, you did deserve the spanking.


    I had the same spam message and getting quite a lot lately x

  3. Never been to Cyprus - but I have been on the receiving end of quite a few spankings (and whippings) in several small hotels in the Western Mediterranean (France and Spain) - some of them with the windows wide open - while on vacation.

    My wife makes a point of always packing a hairbrush AND her martinet when we travel so as to be able to 'take care of business' as needed!

  4. Hi Joey, Ronnie and Anon
    Yes Joey, the hairbrush was hard enough without getting the cane.

    I could not possibly disagree with you Ronnie.

    Anon - the martinet is a useful travel tool. Glad you enjoy holiday whippings and spankings. The wet swimming trunks can add a certain sting.

    Agreed there is a lot of spam on blogs right now.

    1. A caning across wet swimming trunks produces an interesting sound (in our limited experience), but my wife usually insists on spanking (or whipping) my bare, unprotected bottom (which allows her to watch the successive shades of red-to-crimson-to-purple that develop as a result)


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