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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Spanklet - Attention to details.

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

The afternoon was already darkening as he walked through the damp field towards the wood where the trees had lost their foliage.

The knife in his pocket was a weapon only against the bark of the maple or birch, whose long stems of the earlier spring were easily accessible.

The crows welcomed him with raucous noise, flapping at the danger of the intruder into their silent space.  

He found his way quickly to a familiar grove. He had been there on more than one occasion and knew where the trees which would offer the thinnest of branches.

 Mistress liked the birch rod to be made of “goldilocks” branches, not to thick and not too thin, but just the right diameter at the base and tip.

Walking back to where he had parked the car, Andrew trimmed off the twigs and dead leaf stems, whittling down the dozen or so branches until they were all the same length and cleaned off the few sharp points. Opening the trunk of the car he retrieved the sisal string and bound the rods of flexible sticks into a tight bunch. He added some jungle tape at the grip and about halfway along the birch rod, to prevent the tips from splaying out. The Mistress had strict standards that had to be met.

Swishing the rod up and down, quite violently, Andrew was satisfied that the birch was one of his better efforts. There was no wobble and the grip was taught.

He set off for the village about 10 miles way. He had already driven for 2 hours and he was keen to get to the pub where he would be spending the night. The Mistress had a farmhouse on a quiet road just outside the village and his appointment was not until 6, so he still had more than an hour in hand.

Once he had checked in with the pub landlady and settled into his small but comfortable bedroom, Andrew showered and opened his suit carrier laid out the blue blazer, grey slacks and white shirt neatly on the bed. His underwear was new and he savoured the feel of fresh cotton against his bottom. He sprayed some after shave down there and felt a sharp sting on his genitals as the liquid evaporated. Quite a nice sensation he thought, for someone who enjoys pain. He dressed quickly and left the striped tie off for the present, putting it carefully in his blazer pocket.. Taking a quick look at himself in the mirror he thought that he looked the part and presented  just the right image of a senior schoolboy, even though those days were well in the past. He hoped the Mistress would approve.

In the near empty bar downstairs he sipped a double shot of neat vodka with a coffee and read the newspaper. He could not concentrate on much as he was distracted by the anticipation of what was to happen to him over the next two hours. He could only afford to spend time with a Domme every six weeks and this Mistress was the one he looked forward to visiting for days ahead. 

He said goodbye to the landlady who mentioned that he looked very smart and she wished him a good evening. Not for the first time he wondered if she knew what he was up to. Villages are small places after all.

. He left the pub charged with a little Dutch courage against the dread and nervousness which fully occupied his mind  now  that the session was so close..


  1. Ooo can't wait for the next installment, there will be a next won't there, please..

    1. Yes, there will and thanks for stopping by. I stopped at this point because I couldn't get the finish by Sunday.


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