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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Don't let your eyes wander.

Out of the 6 family members staying at our house over Christmas, 5 of us set off for a Christmas Day walk yesterday. 

This is a late morning affair which is not arduous. We do about an hours walk in the surrounding area and end up at the local pub, where we have previously left a car so we can get home if one of us does not drink alcohol.

Unfortunatey the rain started about a half-way through our walk and although we were equipped for it, we still arrived at the pub in a wet state.

We chatted with people we know, smiled and wished a Merry Christmas to those we didn’t, and had a couple of drinks each.

From where we sat I could see a lot of the bar and I could not take my eyes off a pretty 20 year old, dressed in a fantastic outfit which consisted of a Christmas sweater , a grey mini skirt, black tights on fantastic legs and black boots.

Unfortunately my attention on this girl did not go unnoticed by my wife.

When we got home we all went upstairs to change and get ready for the turkey meal.

In our bedroom my wife turned a hard stare on me and told me that she did not appreciate me looking at other younger women, who  obviously dressed to attract maximum attention, particularly when she looked like a drowned rat after getting soaked on the walk. 

I apologised and said I only had eyes for her.

Yeah right, she said, and stormed off to the bathroom.

After a few minutes I joined her and apologised and said I did not want her to be in a bad mood over Christmas.

In that case she said, getting a hold of her hairbrush, you can drop your pants.

In a slow deliberate fashion she used the hairbrush in upward strokes on my testicles. 

This is her method of giving me a silent punishment. No one can hear the quiet smacking of wood on soft balls but the pain is frightful. I

 looked deep into her eyes each time the brush landed and she knew I was suffering. Because she was so mad at me, it went on for longer than usual  and I nearly had to ask her to stop, but I knew I deserved it and more.

She put the brush down and turned and told me to kiss her ass and remember my place in future. 

I knelt behind her with pain in my groin and lavished attention on her bottom. 

Whilst she finished her make up she reminded me that I was the submissive and she was the Mistress in our relationship and that I had better remember that fact. She told me add 30 strokes in the demerit book and then to my surprise told me to go and get some gel.

I knew I that might be  forgiven when she offered a Christmas present of a doggy style fuck, with her bent over the vanity unit. 

I needed no encouragement  and my scorched balls were soon slapping against her cool  cheeks. 

I paid special attention to her for the rest of the day, as you would expect.


  1. That was a great Christmas present Michael.


    1. Hi Joey. Yes indeed and most unexpected.


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