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Monday, 29 October 2012

Forgetfullness brings a demerit

When my wife went to play a DVD yesterday afternoon, for some aerobic exercise that she wanted to perform in the quiet of our living room, she discovered there was already a disc in the player and she was not best pleased when she saw what it was. 

I have been awarded 30 demerits to go in the punishment book.

What she had found was a DVD of  Exit to Eden, that I had watched on Thursday night when she was out with some friends after work. 

She knows the film because a few  years ago we had seen it together and although she thought it was rather a silly movie ,she is only too aware that the spanking scenes excited me.

I was supposed to have ditched the DVD in the trash, in case someone found it in the house, but I could not part with it and from time to time I have taken it with me on work trips, to watch in some hotel room on my laptop.

When she brought it through to the kitchen I knew my goose was cooked so to speak and I could not deny that I had sat and played with myself on the settee when she was out.

In addition to wasting  time when I could have been doing chores,  she was mad that I had orgasmed  without her knowledge and consent, and that I had obviously lied about getting rid of the DVD.

I deserve the demerits and there is no doubt she will make me suffer as a consequence. 

She says that  is not sure that I am sorry I did it or sorry I got found out, but when the time comes she will make me sorry that I am bent over in front of her.

  (p.s.  this scene gets me every time)

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