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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tuesday treats

Today turned out well.The weather was good so we walked for a while in the woods.

After that we spent time at the health club, which I do not visit as much as I should. For my Jubilee request list I had offered to buy my wife a gift card of a massage and a sun bed treatment. I was going to give her the massage myself but a professional one was a better present. Whilst she was being rubbed and pummeled, I did the 60 minutes on a running machine which my wife had decided  was better for me than 60 minutes corner time. I had to keep switching between running and walking pace. When I started off on the machine I fantasized about my wife being naked on a massage table, whilst a pretty young girl spread oil over her body. By the time I was nearing the end of my exercise all such sexy thoughts had vanished – I was knackered and just concentrating on the elapsed time, hoping I could stop soon.

We got together for a drink – no alcohol – in the cafe and then went home. I thought that there might be some afternoon delight in bed but I was rebuffed when I suggested this. My wife said she just wanted a nap, to recharge her batteries for work tomorrow, so I was left with the washing and ironing to do.

Two hours later, when I was doing some paperwork in the study, my mobile rang. It was my wife using the upstairs phone. She asked me for a cup of tea . When I got to the bedroom she was on the bed just in bra and pants. She thanked me for the tea and said that my good behaviour would be rewarded.

I was sent to the bathroom to freshen up and then go and stand in the corner of the bedroom.  I stood there, shivering a little, for quite a while until I heard my wife get out of bed. When I was told to turn round and kneel in front her she was sat with her legs over the side of the bed holding the bathbrush across her lap.

“Kneel and kiss my feet.”

I got down onto the carpet and laid a gentle kiss on each foot.

“So you want a 60 second spanking with this do you? “, she asked tapping my shoulder with the brush.


“Well crawl over my knees then, like the naughty boy you are.”

The cool skin of her bare legs had an energising affect on my prick and I wriggled contentedly into position.

“My watch only has numbers for the minutes so we’ll have to wait until it changes.”

The seconds dragged on and then the back of the brush smacked hard into my right cheek. The spanks came fast and furious. She was certainly trying to get as many in as possible. Because of the length of the brush they were all landing on the one cheek and it was getting seriously hot, very quickly. She seemed to be just hitting the same place all the time and I was willing her to move the brush around.  I never thought a mnute could last so long. It seemed like she was giving me two spanks a second. At one point I took my hand off the floor and tried to extend it behind me to stop the spanks but she just hit it out of the way and increased the strength of her stroke.

At last she stopped and placed the brush down on top of my back. She  rubbed my burning skin with her hand and I squirmed happily on her lap. My erection had gone but the pushing and grinding sensation felt fabulous.

She pushed me away and down onto the floor.

“Come round to my other side. I haven’t finished yet."

 I waddled in front of her on my knees and draped myself back over her leg.. The blazing right cheek was now pressed against  the cool skin of her tummy. I opened my legs a little to get my balance on my toes and she tapped the brush softly against my thigh, waiting for the new minute to start. Once it did, this second phase of  spanking was no less severe. The direction of the brush was slightly different. It was landing almost vertically down my left cheek rather tan across it, so the hot spot was lower down. The spread of the heat felt fantastic and I was in deep sub space when the rapid strokes stopped. I lay over her knees gasping and thanking her profusely for being my Mistress.

“Get up now,” she commanded. “That’s it for the Jubilee .”

I couldn’t resist kssng her feet one more time.

“Off you go. I’m hungry so you better get a nice supper on the go and I‘ll be down for a drink in a moment.”

I picked up my clothes and left the room. In the guest bathroom I admired the deep red colour of my scorched and throbbing bottom. 

What a weekend. Shames it's all over.


  1. Michael,

    I am glad you had a great finish to your long holiday.


  2. i love the picture of tony d and his new # 1 spanker. they were going to start up a new video site but i lost touch with them. does anyone know any information about it. i would like to know. it looked so promising.

  3. Joey - yep as far as I am concerned the whole Jubilee thing was a resounding success.
    Tommy - hello and thanks for stopping by. No sorry I don't know anything about the players in the photo.


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