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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend starts and a tale from Haverstead Hall

The holiday weekend got off to a better start on Saturday morning. I invested a lot of time and energy in making sure my wife had a relaxing day. We had a cheap pizza meal out in the evening and then went to see a movie. It was Prometheus – she didn’t like it much but  we had a drink in a bar  afterwards and I sensed that things might go well in the bed department later on. 

They did. I got her started on orgasm with some applied cunnilingus and then she carried on for  or 7 more orgasms by herself, using the palm of her hand between her legs.

This Sunday morning she sent me back upstairs after I had made her breakfast and told me to strip and wait in the corner in the bedroom, with the cane and riding crop ready. When she appeared after quite a long wait she whipped me hard with both instruments, giving me the 60 severe strokes I had asked for the Jubilee weekend. 

My bottom was on fire and is still warm and well marked after quite a few hours.

 Whilst she got dressed she said I could get on with some more chores including hand washing her bra and pants. I was to stay in the nude  in case she decided to spank me some more.

Back downstairs she pulled out the wooden spoon she had intended to use on me on Friday and spanked me hard. Amazing how sore that small area of wood can be when it is applied fast and furiously.

When I was roasted and wriggling and totally sorry that my bottom was being spanked so hard,  she stopped and asked if I had got my head sorted and was I going to behave myself in the future? I promised her that I would and went to put some clothes on. We left the house for a long walk,  in the rain needless to say, this being England in the summer.

 Later on in the  afternoon I  cooked a meal and then gave her a foot spa and massage, whilst she caught up on some TV viewing of the Danish murder mystery, The Bridge. I knelt on the carpet  washing,  scrubbing and creaming each foot  as efficiently as I could. When I was finished and had emptied the foot spa,  I carefully applied varnish to her each of her toenails and then inserted the foam separator strip and got down on all fours so she could use my back as a footstool whilst the varnish dried off. 

Delight in submission.

My wife has gone upstairs for a bath now, so I have a few moments to update my blog.

I started a Sunday Spanklet during the week but it has turned out to be longer than I intended.

 It may take a couple of days to finish so here is Part One.

Saturday's blog topic was a bit of a lead-in for those of you in the rest of the world who are not drowning in the media sea of Diamond Jubilee and may not know much about the scenario I have set in the story.

Adios for now. 


Lady Barker was not at all happy, in fact it would be fair to say that she was very angry indeed. She had been woken in the middle of the night with news about the fire on the hill and now her carefully laid plans, for a splendid Diamond Jubilee party at Haversted Hall, had been spoiled by the irresponsible behaviour of her nephew and one of her maids. She had learned all this from her housekeeper who had discovered the maid in tears that morning and who, being fearful of losing her position in the grand house, had proceeded to tell every detail  about how the fire had been started.

Her Ladyship had taken her breakfast and then sat down in her study to write to her sister. She had selected the naughty maid as the most appropriate person to deliver the letter to the Dower House by hand, and she had directed her sternly to wait for a reply.

Dearest Sarah

I dare say you are not aware that James has been carrying on in a most inappropriate fashion with one of the serving girls, Alice, who is now waiting whilst you read this.

What your son gets up to is not my direct concern, although it should be yours, but the pair of them have ruined my plans for a spectacular end to my party on Monday.

It seems that they were drinking and carrying on near the Folly and James decide to show off and lit the bonfire on the hill. This bonfire was constructed to be the finale for the party after the firework display and there is now no time to resurrect a suitable wood structure. As you know the chain of beacons which stretch across the country are designed to be lit in sequence On Monday night to celebrate Her Majesty’s splendid achievement. My guests will be very disappointed that Haverstead Hall will not now have a part to play in this fire display.

I cannot allow this mischief of your son to go unpunished. Aside from the fact that it has spoiled my party there could have been serious consequences if the fire had spread into the nearby woods.

I am sure you know that Thomas would have dealt with the matter very vigorously and I propose to do the same.

Kindly ask James to report to Miss Watson at 5 o’clock this afternoon. I will ask her to deal the pair of them and give them both a good thrashing, which they will not forget in a hurry.

I expect a reply in the affirmative to this letter – otherwise young James can find another sponsor for his University fees and my other financial arrangements may be reviewed.

Your loving sister


Sarah knew exactly what was implied by the threat in the letter and how her sister’s late husband Thomas would have applied discipline in such a situation. She had experienced his anger once or twice herself and had suffered shaming consequences under his riding crop

Ever since her own husband had run off with that floozy, some fifteen years ago, Sarah had been dependent on her generous brother-in-law and subsequently,on his death in a car accident, on that of his estate.

The alimony from that shabby husband of hers, Edward, which arrived only very occasionally now, was not sufficient to maintain her standard of living and she was very dependent on the rent-free accommodation on her sister’s large property holding and on the monthly payments which were made into her bank account. It was inconceivable that her son’s behaviour should prejudice this generosity of Helena's.

 She sent a brief note back with the maid, in which she wrote how sorry she was that James had caused all this trouble and confirming that he would be at the House at 5 o’clock prompt, for his visit with Miss Watson.

So, after an uncomfortable dressing down and stern lecture from his Mother that morning, James now found himself walking along the attic corridor towards the Nursery, a room turned classroom as the children had grown older and the one in which Miss Watson had ruled with a rod of iron since she was first employed to take care of his two cousins, Annabel and Richard.

In the summer holidays, which he had spent at as a boy at the House, James had been made to attend daily classes with his cousins because his Uncle Thomas had been adamant that the children should not fritter away their time, even though school was out. He still felt nervous about going into that room. Miss Watson had insisted on strict lesson plans even when they were teenagers and had brooked no nonsense.

James was deep in thought as he walked when suddenly his cousin Sarah jumped out from one of the attic rooms and stood in front of him.

“Hello Jamey. In a spot of bother I hear?” Sarah was grinning at him as she spoke.

James could think of nothing to say so he just nodded.

“I hope old Watters won’t be too hard on you. Mind you hanging about with the servants is not a good idea is it and Mummy is furious about her beacon going up in smoke before the great day, so I dresay you are in for it, maybe the cane perhaps?”

Her cousin shrugged his shoulders and muttered something about how stupid he had been. He then moved to go past Annabel.

“See you later,” she called after him.

“Maybe,” James responded, looking back over his shoulder.

He noticed the just how attractive Annabel looked in her short summer dress. Her legs were long and brown and, as the sunlight from one of the narrow windows  behind her shone through the silky material of her dress, he had a passing thought about what she might be wearing as underwear. It would appear that  Annabel’s panties were small, whatever style they were, because he could see no outline of them in the triangle between her thighs.

Until recently he had not thought of his cousin in a sexual way. Their childhood spent together had left him feeling more like a brother to her, but more recently he had begun to notice her feminine charms. Like him, Annabel was away at University now and he was sure she had many suitors and boyfriends who would be keen to get inside her pants.

Turning the corner into the part of the attic over the East Wing of the house his thoughts returned to his current predicament and the last time he had been sent to see Miss Watson.

(PS I am working on Part 2)


  1. Michael,

    I am glad that you ended up with a warm bottom after all your efforts to please your wife.


  2. Glad your weekend went well and as for your spanklet, I can't wait to find out what happens with James in Part 2:).


  3. Hi Joey
    Yup, it was a hotty. Nothing like the cane to get a chap all straightened out. It had been a while.

    Hello Kitty - great to hear from you. Your encouragement on the story is appreciated.

  4. Nice weekend you had. Looking forward two part II Michael.



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