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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tales about hot tails

There are many good stories over on  Disciplinary Tales  and the one just posted will appeal to F/M people.

Have a good day, particularly if you get your tail warmed. I have a Maintenance session coming up this evening so am feeling chipper. 

In my dreams the session might be in front of my wife's friends but the reality will be just one-on-one.


  1. Good luck with your session.

  2. Would you really want to be spanked in front of your wife's friends? Oh, the humiliation that would give you;).


  3. Joey - thanks it turned out to be very satisfying for both of us.

    Kitty - You're right. I couldn't bare it!

  4. L. has had a similar experience two years ago, when we visited one of my friends (and her sister) in their villa in Provence. It was (by my standards) a mild spanking - but one that was nevertheless applied on his bare bottom, much to his embarrassment (and much to the delight of the two women)!...

  5. Hi L
    Thanks for this and your recent comments. You are obviously taking the trouble to visit older posts so thanks for that.
    The villa stay sounds to have been great fun.
    If you have any stories about what you and L get up to I would be pleased to add them in my blog - or why don't you start a blog of your own?

  6. As it happens, one day before that occurrence in Provence, L. had been subjected to a particularly harsh open-air switching near the top of the Chartreuse range (near Grenoble), which left his backside striped with marks that were still visible when we visited my friend the following day near Aix-en-Provence...

    1. I am not likely to forget it -even if it wasn't the first time...


  7. My wife gave ma a bare bottomed spanking in a hotel room as a 60ish female housekeeper walked in to witness my spanking. markiee


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