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Friday, 20 April 2012

A Good Friday all round

When I took a cup of tea through to my wife on Friday morning, two weeks ago, I was in a good mood and ready to face the day. As she sat up against the pillows she told me to drop my pants  so that she could check on my bottom. Apparently there was a dull red colour but no obvious marks of the sound spanking I had received the night before. She tut-tutted and then asked me to turn to face her. My prick had risen slightly as a reaction to her dominant tone and she asked if I had played with myself. I was able to answer truthfully that I had not. Sipping her tea she instructed me get a cane from the blanket chest. When I went to hand it to her I was told that it would be used but that I must take it downstairs and leave it on the dining room table, so it would be handy if it was needed during the day.
Over breakfast she outlined the day. It was Good Friday, a UK Easter holiday, and we were both off work. We were going shopping at the city Mall and in the afternoon she would be staying in town for a beauty treatment whilst I returned home to get on with some chores. I was to pick her up from a friend’s house when she called.
Whilst she was upstairs I tidied up the living areas and then heard her call me into the hall.  The cane was in her hand.

“Bend and touch your toes. I want you to have something to think about whilst we are out.”

Our hallway has a high ceiling but is not particularly wide so I had to stand facing the wall if she was to get a half decent swing. She managed to do so – believe me.
Feeling a bit like a naughty schoolboy I took six hard strokes on the seat of my trousers.

“Right lets get off,” she instructed . “And remember, no playing up.”

As we left the house I complimented my wife on how she great she looked. She on the other hand ignored me and complained that her car was not washed and tidy inside and added that to the list of my weekend chores.

I followed her around the shops, fetching and carrying clothes for her to try on and kept returning to our car with the purchases. I was a little concerned about how much she was spending but it is her salary so there was nothing I could say. After a couple of hours I had had enough but I kept up a jovial demeanour. At long last she suggested lunch. We had a pleasant time and she told me how much she was enjoying my company since I was being so cheerful.

As I may have mentioned before, her favourite lunch place when shopping is a café/restaurant in a major store. You have to go through the lingerie section to get to the entrance to the café. As I was paying the bill for food my wife told me to stay put and have another coffee, since she wanted to get some fresh bra and panty sets.
When she reappeared she handed me another shopping bag telling me there was a surprise gift inside, amongst other things, but that it would have to wait until the next day. I was cautioned not to look inside the bag.
We parted with a kiss and I set off to drive home. All was well with the world and I got quite a few household jobs done and prepared a meal. At around 5’ish I heard the ping of a text and retrieved my mobile.

“Pick me up at Sarah’s at 6.30.   Go and cut a switch.”

This sent a buzz into my head. Excitedly I checked around the house to make sure all was well and dashed off to the nearby woods. I found a suitable tree and took off 3 fairly whippy branches with a knife. They needed cleaning down a bit as the buds are just starting to form in the spring warmth.

 Before I was due to leave the house I placed the switches on the kitchen table, had a quick stand up wash and changed my pants. I wanted everything to be ready for my wife’s return. Just as I was about to leave the front door bell rang. It was Claire the woman from next door whose car I had helped to fix a few weeks ago. A neighbourly act that my wife was not too pleased about, as it happens.

Normally I would invite an acquaintance into the house and not keep them standing at the porch but since I was on my own I decided that would not be such a good idea.  I did not want another misunderstanding.
Claire asked if we would like to go round for a drink on Easter Sunday, as she planned on having some friends and a few people from the village?  Now, my wife does not like me making social arrangements so I played it cool and said I would have to consult her and we would get back to Claire.

“Make sure you do,” she said. “It would be great to see you both.”

“I will and thank you.” I responded positively. “I am just going to pick her up and we’ll get back to you.”

As she made a move to go she said, “OK great. Have fun, whatever you do.”

I closed the door and turned to fetch my car keys. In a flush of embarrassment I saw the cane lying across the chair in the hallway. I wondered if Claire had been able to see it from the doorway.  It was the crook handled one, so she would have guessed that it wasn’t a bamboo cane used for tying up plants. In a hurry now, in case I was late for my wife  I quickly picked it up and took it through into the dining room.

When I arrived at Sarah’s I was asked in for a drink. We chatted for a bit and then my wife announced that we had to leave as there were some things that needed her attention!
 I had a feeling that statement was addressed to me as much as to Sarah. One we were in the car I was quizzed as to the progress I had made on the chores. I mentioned Claire’s invitation and was met with a slightly frosty response.

“I am not sure about that woman,” she said. “She keeps coming round when I am not there. I hope she is not after you.”

I laughed this off.

“Well I have only have eyes for you Mistress.” I confirmed in my most submissive manner.

“You had better keep it that way.”

Back at the house my wife inspected the switches I had cut and promised me that they would be used before dinner. She asked me what food I had prepared and told me that it sounded great and much better than an expensive meal out. She left me to carry on whilst she went for a shower. I finished my preparations and also went upstairs to freshen up.

Back downstairs I busied myself at the oven and poured drinks. My wife appeared in a red T shirt and black leggings. Her feet were in some sort of thong sandal and I whistled softly in admiration.
She acknowledged my attentions with a nod.

“You can kiss my feet if you like.”

I knelt down quickly on the hard wood floor and began to kiss each perfectly manicured toe one by one.

“Should I whip you?”

“Yes Mistress.” I mumbled the words in total submission.

“Well then, undo your trousers and take down your shorts. Stay on the floor.”

I struggled with my clothing and bared my bottom. She went over to the table and I heard her sampling each rod by swishing them through the air. Walking back to stand in front of me she told me to get down on all fours and lift me head up. She gripped the side of my head between her calves and began the whipping. Each stroke fell vertically down my bare cheeks and the tip of the switch landed painfully on the upper part of my legs. When I started to wiggle my bottom she told me to stay still. As she flicked the whippy branch in a steady rhythmic fashion she told me how red and striped my skin was getting. She increased the pace and laced me steadily for over 5 minutes. At the end I was ordered up and told to compose myself and sort out my clothes. The feeling in my bottom was fantastic and I was in love with my Mistress.

After the meal and an hour or so of TV my wife peeled off the black leggings and revealed that she was knickerless. She pointed to the floor and I was back on my knees with my head buried between her legs in a matter of seconds. After a few minutes of heavy kissing and licking it became obvious that the position wasn’t going to work for her, although it felt wonderfully submissive for me. We went upstairs and she jumped quickly on to the bed. The right result came speedily, once I was in my usual position kneeling by her side.

A spanking good start to the holiday and there was more on the Saturday. We are gradually getting back in the groove.


  1. What a terrific day of spanking fun. Thank you for sharing.


  2. The cane and a switch, ouch. Did you soak the switch first?

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow, Michael! I think your Mistress is slightly jealous of Claire...I'd be careful if I were you, lol!

    Also, it's quite hot how she seems to be taking to her role of leader and you the submissive one. Glad you're having such a sore bottom to go along with it.


  4. That was so well-told - what a wonderful way to start a holiday! You are a lucky guy, although I imagine you don't ALWAYS feel so!

    Thank you - and your awesome Mistress, too, of course.


  5. Joeyred - nice of you to visit and for the encouragement.

    Ronnie - nope, I forgot to soak the switches. They were still good and whippy when they were used but, as you rightly point out, they would not have made it through the night without a soak.

    Kitty - yes, I am avoiding Claire except in company. My wife is back in the saddle with the In Charge role.

    HH - yes and after a long break we are getting back to the discipline so that is good news.

  6. Its an interesting life you lead Michael. Similiar to ours except we don't go for 24x7 dominance/submission. We play at it for a day or two at a time, but its always pre-planned and C usually finds it hard to sustain the total Mistress.

    Trust you will enjoy yourselves.

  7. Hi A
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We sometimes go for long periods where the F/M thing just does not work, but when it is switched on it is 24/7, as you say. Enjoying your blog.

  8. An interesting parallel... I am expected to supply my wife with 10 or 12 switches (usually maple) every other week (or more often upon 'request') -and to put them to soak in a bucket of water mixed with vinegar. She uses them at her discretion - but mostly over the weekends, when she is dissatisfied with the way I perform the domestic chores I have been assigned (and for which I am required to wear nothing below the waist other than a short apron). A swift -and vigorous- dose of the switch (or of her martinet) provides an effective motivation! Her (many) other "tools" are used on any number of occasions during the week...


    PS: Whenever we go for a hike in the woods (whether at home or on vacation), she may decide to cut herself a switch on the spot, and to use it to good effect right then and there... In such cases, she may decide to bring that switch back home (or to the inn where we are staying!)

  9. Hot story to read.. We have never tried cutting a switch, but it sounds interesting, knowing what they are going to be used for... definitely a fun start to a holiday weekend.
    Happy Spankings

  10. What L. failed to mention is that I occasionally leave a switch in a spot where it will be visible when I expect a visit from one of my close (girl)friends- or that I may deliberately leave the martinet hanging in plain sight from a hook in the kitchen (which is where I normally keep it anyway -for easy access) This has led to some amusing girl-to-girl conversations!



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