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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday spanklet - Turning things around

 Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Are you angry?

Disappointed really.

Look I’m sorry.

Maybe you are but that’s not the point. I am not working to put you through college, just to have you out drinking with your friends and lounging around at home.

I know.

Do you? Do you know what that place is like? Full of pre historic chauvinist men who think it’s funny to laugh about tits and bums. God, they drive you mad. And now I’m getting the same treatment at home.

Not really.

Yes, really. You’re supposed to be working your butt off studying so we can get a better life once you graduate and here you are spending our money faster than I can make it. I’ve been to see your tutor you know and she agrees that you aren’t handing in stuff at the level you could be.

My tutor ? You can’t ask my tutor things!

Well I did. And I talked to Katie about our problem.

So now you’re discussing me with my tutor and my godmother ?

Yes I am, and she had some good advice and sent me something helpful in the post. Do you want to guess what it is?


Because you already know don’t you. She says it worked a treat when she caught you taking money out of her purse. Well here’s the deal. If you want me to stick around and marry you then things are going to change. No more drinking with the boys, you do your share of the housework and we both go to your tutor every month to talk about your studies.

Oh come on.

I mean it. Either that or you leave right now.

OK. OK. I agree.

Good and there’s one more thing. Drop your trousers and bend over that table. It’s time you got reintroduced to Katie’s hairbrush. Like I say, there are going to be changes round here.


  1. Good story. I'm not used to reading stories where the male takes the consequences- I liked it.

  2. I could feel "her" frustration...makes me feel bad for when I don't live up to Daddy's expectations for me. Once again, a great spanklet.



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