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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Catching up after Christmas

Our house guests left for a shopping trip at 11 this morning, indicating that they would be back at 4pm, in time to meet some friends of ours who were arriving for supper. Our children went off to visit their friends in the area at about the same time. I got on with a few chores, mainly cleaning, vacuuming and washing clothes whilst my wife prepared the meal for later on. After a couple of hours I suggested lunch at our local pub and there was immediate agreement on this. Whilst I cleaned out the fireplace and laid some fresh wood and coal, my wife went upstairs to change into something smarter. After ten minutes or so I heard her voice calling me from the top of the stairs.

“Hurry up and shower,” she said when I got to the bedroom. “I want something to eat so be quick. Bring the bath-brush back with you.”

 She carried on dressing whilst I rushed off to the bathroom. By the time I was back, naked and nervous, but excited at the same time, she was fully dressed in a woolly roll neck sweater, jeans and boots. She looked a million dollars.

“I like that she said pointing to my erection. I can use some of that after lunch if have time.” She held out her hand to take the bath-brush and tapped the end of my penis with the wood.

“I will make this quick. Bend over with your hands on the bed.”

I moved into position and strained to lift my bottom high. I needed what was to come and I wasn’t disappointed when the first thwack of the bath-brush crashed into my cheeks. My wife smacked away hard and fast and told me that I had deserved this spanking after being so well behaved over the holidays. She uses a sort of tennis groundstroke swing with the brush and the weight of the head gives it extra momentum. The spanking continued for maybe twenty five or thirty strokes and I was ablaze with the heat in my sore skin.

When she had finished she swatted my behind with her hand and told me to get dressed quickly. Handing me the brush she reminded that she wanted to show off a very nice husband to her friends and I was to be particularly careful not to drink too much. I thanked her and hurried off to get into some smarts.

The pub was warm and lively and after soup and a sandwich we set off for home. Once inside we acted a bit like teenagers and kissed passionately whilst tearing off each others clothes. All this took place in the sitting room and I was soon inside my wife, taking her from behind, whilst she lay over the end of the sofa. I came in only a few minutes. As I stood there with my legs shaking like a jelly after the orgasm my wife shuffled forward a bit more until her hips were high in the air. Opening her legs wide she left nothing to the imagination and I understood what I was expected to do. Her face and chest were buried in the cushions on the sofa and she murmured happily as I my tongue worked inside her. After a while she decided that she wasn’t going to come so she flipped herself over in a very athletic fashion. Now she was on her back on the sofa she pulled herself further back and I went round the side and knelt on the carpet so that I could bury my face deep between her legs. In the space of two or three minutes I could tell she was close to orgasm because her thighs came together and closed around my head in a vice like grip. I licked away passionately and she finally shuddered and came. As she lay there I gave her two or three more orgasms and then looked over at the clock. When I pointed out that it was very nearly three-thirty we stood up in a hurry and started collecting up our discarded clothing. It would not have been good for our friends to have arrived early as we ran through the hall and up the stairs, laughing at our predicament.

As we got hurriedly dressed I thanked my wife for a great afternoon. She inspected my bottom and said that the marks of the brush had nearly disappeared and that she looked forward to leaving a new set later in the week. When she saw me stiffen again at the thought of this she told me to put it away and get my pants on.

The doorbell rang promptly at four and I made my way downstairs in a calm and collected mood. Welcoming our guests into the house I mentioned that my wife would down soon because we were running a bit behind schedule.


  1. Terrific post Michael. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

  2. Sounds like a great post-Christmas spanking and sex romp;)!


  3. A perfect afternoon and a promise of a spanking in the week.


  4. Lucky Devil! I'm glad someone's Christmas went well! Thanks for the update - I bet you can hardly wait for New Year's Eve ;) !

  5. Hi Michael, We just discovered your blog and we love it.
    It's so nice to read about a couple that lives thier life the same way we do.

  6. Nice one. My wife does not let me give her oral, but I hope this may change soon.

  7. Dear All
    Thanks for the nice comments and for stopping by so regularly.

    VS- boy : Try a foot massage then start kissing her toes and gradually make your way up her legs kissing as you go. See how far you can get and then repeat the exercise from time to time. Good luck


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