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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Welcome Lurkers

Bonnie, over at My Bottom Smarts, has for some years been co-ordinating a “Love our Lurkers” day and today is the sixth anniversary day of that event.

Blog writers know that there have many readers who just cruise by silently and leave no evidence that they have viewed the site. A few people might comment but most do not. These passers-by are the Lurkers.

So today we ask you, the silent majority, to leave a comment below, anonymously if you wish, but better to leave your name.

What to say when you comment?– Well, that’s up to you so long as it is fairly agreeable. You might say if you are keen on FLR or F/M relationships and why, or if you like/dislike this spanking blog.

You have nothing to lose, so go ahead.

Michael M


  1. My Fault, whoops! May I be the first? I love this blog and others like it. As a naughty boy I have been regulary caned on my bare bottom for nearly ten years, by my girlfriend, I both love and fear the cane. The build up from when I'm told to "Get undressed, and get in there" to the actual thrashing stay with me forever. Maybe I should write about it more?

  2. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I'm very much hooked. In my own personal life, I am only now beginning to get to experiment with FLR and DD with my wife, so its good to see your perspective and experience with it. I particularly enjoyed the "Little Pink Whip" entry and found it greatly informative. We've finally arranged to have a day of play on Saturday, on what we've cleverly titled "Staff Development Day." Neither of us are that experienced, so reading other people's experiences is helpful. I would love to hear you describe the most humiliating thing the wife has made you do at some point.
    - Twiggy. - Somewhere in WV, United States.

  3. Hi,
    Just found your link on Bonnie's site so I thought I would stop by and say Hi,my name is Amy and I'm from wales good luck with Lurker's day

  4. There is nothing like a good spanking in the morning from a strong dominate female HoH. I enjoy your blog very much.

    The VBB

  5. Michael I lurk more than I comment but do enjoy reading your blog.

    Happy LOL Day.


  6. Hi Michael,

    I'm a regular visitor and an irregular commenter. Is that a spanking offense? Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.


  7. We are not in the FLR camp, but I do enjoy your Blog.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  9. Well today has certainly got off to a good start with visitors. Bonnie's idea is a good one.

    John F - welcome and thanks for stopping by. You seem to have a good relationship with your girlfriend. Ye, you should be writing about your encounters with the cane.

    Ronnie - hi and thanks for being a regular visitor. I hope that Santa Claus has wrapped up your carpet beater by now.

    Hermione - I appreciate your regular visits. In my mind's eye you are very spankable so yes I think you should be dealt with for not leaving more frequent messages.

    OBB - you are always welcome and I know you like paddling as much as I do,but approach it from a different direction.

    Joeyred- thanks for being a frequent visitor and communicant. Time to start Joeys Red Bottom Blog?

  10. I'm still in the "closet" sort of speaking and new to the concept of FLR...wishing I had a man in my life that needed some female guidence....I really enjoy your posts and look upon them for how a FLDD relationship works...thank you so much for taking the time to share...

  11. Wow - 10 comments in one day. Thank you.
    The blogger e mail got confused and mixed up 4 Anonymous e mails.
    So there are 4 people who did not get a response from me above. My apologies.
    They were or are:

    Anon - Twiggy - Very good to hear from you and I am sure that your Staff Development Day will be a good way of spending a Saturday. With your name I guess a switch will play some part in the proceedings. Once you are fully into FLR maybe you will share your thoughts in a blog. I will do my best to describe some embarrassing moments in a future post. If you are looking for amusing guidance on female HOH control, take a look at Ms Marie on my blogroll.

    Anon -Amy -"Helo spanker benywaidd a diolch am ymweld â" (If this rubbish then I apologise - you may even be an English only Welsh girl)

    Anon - the VBB - I wonder if you are the VBB who visits Dana Kane ? Anyway whoever you are you are welcome and I agree.

  12. Anon -in the closet - thanks for commenting and spending some time on the site. I am sure your submissive male is out there waiting for you. They might be disguised as alpha males in the outside world. Try carrying a wooden hairbrush in your handbag and bringing it out at some stage on a date or at a meeting and then look at his eyes.

  13. Michael, just a quick hi from Germany.
    Am reading and enjoying your blog and your comments on other blogs very much.
    Keep on writing.

  14. Hello Lawyer. How intriguing to hear from you and to count you as a visitor. I trust all is well with you. Your blog is missed.
    Michael M

  15. Happy LOL Day!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  16. Hi Michael,

    I am guilty of lurking on your blog without ever commenting, but am back from celebrating my birthday and I thought your comment to me was very sweet.

    I'm not into FLR, but yours is interesting to read about, even if I wouldn't want it for myself:).


  17. Kitty - thanks for stopping by. It looks like you have an enviable marriage.


Look forward to your comments. It is nice to get feedback.