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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Maintenance evening

I arrived home early yesterday afternoon, with time to spare for the preparations involved in  a Maintenance Spanking. Last Sunday she had spelt out which instruments she would use and  added that she wanted to use a birch. Apparently this idea had come to her when she noticed the leaves falling. The light was failing even at 3pm so I set off  for the local woods with some haste. It did not take long to get to the field maple trees that have very similar branches to the birch tree and are more common.

I fashioned the birch with some  tape, then a nice piece of cord to give it a good grip.

By the time my wife got home I was in position in the corner of the bedroom in my shorts and T shirt with my hands on my head. The paddle, cane, strap and birch were lying neatly on the bed.
I was made to wait for nearly half an hour as my wife busied herself downstairs. I spent the time fantasizing about different spanking scenarios and occasionally rubbing myself with the excitement of my predicament.

When she got to the room my wife was very brisk and business like and I was over the bench before I knew it. She started straight in with 30 of the cane and I was in sub space after 20 or so strokes. I really needed this maintenance session and my head felt woozy with the submission.
Next up was a long hard paddling across every inch of my bottom followed by two dozen strokes with the strap.
I lay with a throbbing butt whilst she picked up the birch and made some comment about how nicely it had been made. Then she told me to stand, pull off my pants and get on all fours with my head down.

She stood over me facing my ankles with her long legs gripping my waist tightly and started to whip me. The stinging pain was exquisite. She went on and on birching my bottom and the backs of my legs for over 5 minutes. Finally she was done and threw the birch down in front of me.

She told me to clear the things away and come back to give her a back scrub in the bath. As I was soaping her she put a hand into my pants and rubbed me hard. I asked her if I could come and she agreed provided none of it went into the water. Whilst she teased me about  how she had enjoyed whipping me I pumped hard and finally came into the palm of my free hand.

So I stood there, legs trembling with the pleasure, she made me to swallow the cum and lick my fingers clean.

I went off to get changed into some going out clothes and about an hour later we were in the pub having a meal in a relaxed and happy mood.


  1. I just want you to know,it sounds like you have the best wife in the country.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Otto - thanks for stopping by. Yes, it was extremely good.

    Edward - hello and thanks for commenting. Yes, I know that I am perhaps rather fortunate. Our FLR works a treat for us and I should perhaps have asked for it earlier in our marriage.

  3. You're a very lucky man.


  4. Anon - hi M-M. Thanks for visiting and I guess that I am.

  5. Great post Michael.

  6. Mmmm.... the anticipation. The pain. Her Power. Your cum, directed into your mouth. A nice meal. Love it.

  7. Wow - another group of comments.

    Thanks Joey. It was a delicious evening.

    SS - The spankings started a number of years ago but mailing me clean myself up is a fairly recent innovation. I hadn't swallowed cum before but my wife thought it would be good discipline. It is.


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