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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ups and downs and ups

There was a bit of a long break between yesterday’s post and the one before that. Events at the office had caused some trouble and things were not right at home so I did not have the interest in writing up the blog. The Thursday after my maintenance session was a wonderful day and everything was right with the world. Then from Friday on it just got bad. I was in a lousy mood over the weekend and there was not a good rapport with my wife.

Anyway – last night was a turnaround. My wife got a bit tipsy, unusual for a weekday, and I was invited to go down on her at bedtime. After a good number of orgasms for her she decided that she would do some face sitting, so she rolled me over and sat on top of me facing my legs. 

Whilst I engaged in a considerable amount of anal licking and kissing (which I enjoy doing) she gave my genitals a hard time (which I also enjoy). There was a great deal of ball slapping with her hand and gripping tightly so that her fingernails dug deep into my scrotum. As I writhed around underneath her, groaning with pleasure, pushing my tongue deep inside her anus, she spanked the insides of my legs and up under my bottom. I was desperate to come but she avoided any contact with my pulsating penis.  After maybe 10 minutes of these games she rolled off me and told me to go to sleep. 

What a frustration, but she is the boss.

Today is a beautiful morning and we are back in the groove

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  1. Wow... sounds exciting!! I love those "She's in the mood" sessions!
    I'm sure you appreciated being able to please Her. Sorry She didn't return the favor... but it's Her call, huh?
    Seriously, getting back in the groove is the main thing!!


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