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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Stupid mistake

My wife was home before me last Thursday night and was luxuriating in the bath when I got upstairs. She had booked a table at a restaurant she said and I was to leave her in peace for another hour or so. I got no vibes about the Maintenance Spanking, which was overdue, but I knew better than to ask about it. I closed the door and went back downstairs to the study. After a bit of time spent on e mails I decided to take a shower in the guest bathroom so that I would be ready to go out. I was stood under the water daydreaming when she appeared at the door and demanded to know why I wasn’t waiting for her in the bedroom. She told me that I had thirty seconds to fetch some implements and get over the bench.

I dried myself hurriedly and grabbed what I could find from the chest where the spanking toys are kept. My wife was counting out the seconds, eighty one, eighty two, eighty three, as I placed the instruments neatly on the bed and then lowered myself over the top of the bench. Picking up the riding crop and swishing it through the air behind me, she demanded to know why I had not followed her instructions. I said that I did not know about any instructions, at which point she struck me hard across both cheeks.

I left you a note in the kitchen she said. Stand up and go and get it.

I moved quickly and was back in the bedroom as she counted out one hundred and ten, one hundred and eleven.

 What does it say ?, she demanded, smacking the front of my legs with the tab of the crop.

“Bring me a glass of wine and wait for me in the corner.”  I read out the note. And looked across at her, adding that  I was sorry but I hadn’t seen it.

Obviously, she replied. Well there’s no time now so you have missed your chance so put all this stuff away and go and get dressed.

Over dinner my wife described what nice little spanking and sex treats she had planned for the early part of the evening and how it was just too bad that, because my inattention to her, these rewards had been taken away.

When we got home I was told to fetch the Punishment Book and write in the words Disobedient, Fifty strokes, Cane.

I went to sleep, wondering how much time might go by before the book was called for and cursing myself for not looking in the kitchen that evening. If I had done I might have had a glowing bottom and some entertaining sex. As It was all I had now was silent , sleeping wife and a redundant erection which I could not touch.

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  1. OH, man, tell your wife that you are INNOCENT!! How can she hold you responsible for lack of communication and call it "disobedience"!! I'm on your side; this is UNJUST!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where is Judge Judy when you need her!!!!!!!! lol!



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