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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maintenance pending

Just a brief post today.  Last night as we got ready for bed my wife told me to turn around so that she could inspect my bottom. She expressed satisfaction that there were still some marks from last Saturday’s whipping. The loopy johnny sometime leaves a message that can be read for days. 

Once the mobile phone business was behind us, we spent a great weekend together and I was of service in all sorts of ways. As a consequence I have been told to prepare for a Maintenance Session this evening – it will actually take place on the scheduled day for a change. More tomorrow hopefully.


  1. Good luck Michael.

  2. loopy johnny does leave a message and lasting marks, oh goes it sting , you ladies will get a reaction at of any man , you guys think you will be tough and not make noise , not with one of those nylon loops , spanked husband

  3. Hi Joey - I got the luck and the hot bottom so all is well today.

    Anon - The LJ comes out of the box infrequently at our house, mainly because my wife finds it hard to handle. I have yet to tell her that if I was kneeling between her legs with my bottom in the air she would find it easier to swing and land it on the right place.

    Thanks for stopping by both.


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