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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blackberry debacle and consequences

Thanks to the guys at Blackberry I now have 30 strokes with the cane added to the Punishment Book. My wife had e mailed me on Monday, reminding me to cancel a dental appointment since I was travelling. Of course I never got the email with all the Blackberry nonsense going on and I didn’t remember it myself, so a letter duly arrived at home yesterday with a £30.00 fee for a missed appointment. My wife told me about the bill last night on the phone with a tetchy tone to her voice and awarded the punishment for carelessness. Needless to say my technology excuse cut no ice. Apparently the outage was caused by a network "switch" so I hope that particular word does not penetrate my wife's consciousness.

The fault is probably good news for iPhone sales people I suppose, if not for me.

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