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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Back home

I arrived home last night, after a week away from home on business, to find the house empty and a note from my wife that she was having an after work drink and that she would be home around 7 or 8. 
I sorted through the post, mainly bills, and put some laundry on and then did some work and and a bit of browsing on my laptop. I took out the punishment book from the desk drawer and wrote in the entry of 30 strokes, missed dentist appointment. It was well past 7 before I eventually  went upstairs for a shower and just as I stepped into the hot stream of water I heard my wife come home.
When I got back downstairs she seemed pleased to see me but a bit distant. Maybe she did not like having her recent routines disturbed by having me back in the house, I thought.
We set off for a pub meal and chatted with friends before walking back at around 1030. As I waited in bed for her to take off her make up, I anticipated some welcome home sex but she didn’t seem interested in my advances and rolled over on to her side to go to sleep.

 I thought about doing something on my own but figured the movement might disturb and annoy her. So I came up with  a silent fantasy involving me and two women and a trip to the woodshed and slowly drifted off to sleep myself.
I got up early this morning to write this and prepare breakfast. 

Maybe if I do things right there might be some maintenance tonight.


  1. I hope you are getting what you deserve today.

  2. true about hoping for welcome home fun when you're back together, but winding up not wanting to shake the bed and annoy Her!

  3. Joey- thanks - I got more than I bargained for a day or so later.
    SS- thanks for commenting. I am sure she would not have been pleased if I kept her awake.
    Michael M


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