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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Holiday caning

imageHotel booking web sites are very useful but sometimes they are too helpful.

On our car trip down to Spain we needed a hotel to stay in for one night in France and one in Spain so I spent some time planning for the trip, working out how far we would travel each day, 

 I kept going back to web sites, looking at different places to stay and I would leave a reservation, which I didn't have to pay for, at one hotel and go and look at another.

Herein lay the problem - when i finally settled on a destination and a hotel in France I forgot to cancel another booking for the same night that I had made on a different web site,

 Hey presto, I got an e mail on the day we checked out of the Bordeaux hotel to say I had been charged €90.00 as a "no show" in a hotel located in a town just a bit further north.

Not good news. I thought about keeping the email to myself but I knew the debit would show up in our bank statement.

This was going to be the second of my four acts of carelessness on the drive down to our 
holiday cottage in Spain.

After breakfast when we had set off for the Spanish border I fessed up as we drove along.
My wife was furious and it took a couple of hours and a coffee and croissant at a road stop before she became friendly again.

The morning after my paddle treatment for speeding I took my wife a cup of tea. We kissed and I said how much I had enjoyed the sex the previous night and that I hope she had too.
She asked me to lower my pants so she could inspect my bottom and then said there were some marks from the paddle but not as many as she would have hoped for considering how hard she had tried to make the spanking.

image 0
My wife got out of bed and took the cane from behind the back of the bedroom door. She then took me by the ear and marched me out of the bedroom to the small swimming pool beyond the terrace

Clothes off, jump in swim two lengths and then get out and prepare for this .

She swished the cane in the air menacingly. 
I intend to carry on with the plan of punishing you everyday of this holiday.

I walked quickly to the poolside pulled off my pants over a slightly stiffening penis  and jumped. The water was cold, very cold and my breath came whooshing out as I struggled to the surface and swam as  fast as I could to the other end.

I swam the second length and climbed out in a few seconds and I stood dripping water at the pool side. The sun was already up and quite warm so I wasn't shivering but inside my stomach was churning with fear and with excitement as I thought about the punishment I was to receive.

My wife whacked the cane across my shrunken penis and balls and I jumped with shock. She swung again and this time caught the inside of my legs.

Ninety pounds, she scolded in  stern voice, ninety pounds wasted on a second hotel room that we didn't want because of your stupidity.

She hit me again under my balls with the end of the cane.

I am sorry Miss. It was ....

She used the cane again on my thighs leaving a sharp red line of pain.

Don't you dare. just don't you dare say it was a mistake

I kept quiet. 

Using the cane as a pointing stick she instructed me.

Go to that  table, get your feet and legs inside the seat and bend over to the other side.

This was going to be new - a caning outside on holiday. My wife has spanked me on our patio at home and thrashed me hard me in the privacy of our garage but never have I had a full-on open air caning.

I climbed into position. The wood surface was hard and scratchy against my hips and bending over the top was not comfortable as the backs of my legs rubbed against the seat planks. Still, I figured, I was not there to be comfortable.

I felt the cane glide up and down my bottom as she took aim and then she lifted the cane and it whizzed into my skin with a red stripe.

Hold still for thirty strokes. You will get another thirty at lunchtime and then thirty in the evening. Make sure you count clearly so that I can hear you. I have all the time in the world to start again if I need to..

One ma'am. Thank you ma'am.

The day went by in blur of cooking, swimming, drinking and caning. I was invited in for cunnilingus mid afternoon and spent a long time with my face between my wife's soft thighs. 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Holiday and a bit of discipline for my wife's slave.

We left the UK for a few days last Saturday, before the school holiday season starts on Frantic Friday, and we have driven to Northern Spain. We have become fed up with airports and it was a real pleasure to use the Channel Tunnel and drive through France and then down to the town of Albacete.

We are in a country cottage not far out of the town. The place has a pool so we are expecting great things of the heat in Southern Europe.

There are lots of advantages to coming by car and one of them is that you can be free and easy about toys.

My wife suggested that we take a cane, the riding crop and a paddle.I was intrigued and delighted that it was her making the suggestion. 

I packed the small 5mm diameter rattan cane which is whippy and has quite a sting when applied fast and furiously. When I reported that my wife finds the cane difficult to apply Ronnie at Heart and Soul made the suggestion that I cut the length down a bit so it is now 4 " shorter. 

I also bought a new paddle from a paddle company in the US which arrived just in time.

Our trip down was marked with 4 instances of carelessness on my part, each of which was noted down by my wife. Otherwise the drive was uneventful and the stopovers were enjoyable although a bit expensive on our night in France. We stayed one more night in Spain and then had an easy drive over the hills to Leon, getting there about noon.

We collected the keys for our holiday accommodation from an agent in the nearby town and found the pace easily enough. The closest house to ours was on the same hillside but a quarter of a mile away. We were definitely secluded. The house was simple in construction but well appointed and comfortable enough for a holiday. The pool was close to the terrace which in turn had doors leading into the sitting room.

I unloaded the car and my wife put things into cupboards and drawers. She pointed out where my clothes were and she had hung the cane and crop on the hook on the back of the spare bedroom door. She pointed out that I might be spending time in there alone waiting in the corner if I was naughty. My prick twitched at her words. 

She showed me where she had placed the paddle and other toys and some KY  in a drawer near in a chest near our bed. 

My wife changed into a summer dress and I got out of my travel clothes and had a quick shower before putting on some shorts and a top.

Once I had put the bags away in a storeroom we looked at what was in the kitchen in the way of basics and then went back to the town to buy food and drink. We were back by 7 pm and I unloaded the car and put everything away whilst my wife went off for her shower.

Whilst my wife read her book and drank a glass of white Rioja, I cooked some prawns and a steak and salad for dinner. We sat out on the  terrace on the sun loungers afterwards, enjoying our wine and coffee. Spain really is the best holiday destination.

After a time our snippets of conversation lulled and I got bored of reading so I got up to stand over my wife to give her  a  kiss and caress her on her bare thighs under the short summer skirt. She pushed my hand away.

Don't start getting fresh with me. I am not ready yet.

I was a bit crestfallen and probably looked it.

On the other hand, she mused, I am ready to deal with you. You're going to get punished each day of this holiday, sometimes maybe twice day so that your bottom is never anything less than a shiny red colour.

I must have looked a bit surprised when she swung her legs over the side of the lounger pulled me towards her and started to unbutton my shorts. She yanked these down, quickly followed with my pants and she took a side swipe with the palm of her hand at my semi stiffening prick. She then crushed my balls in a vice like grip and stared up at me with a threatening look in her eyes

Are you going to behave this holiday and do exactly what you are told. 
Yes ma'am

She dug her nails into the back my scrotum and I wriggled with the pain.

I do hope so. I want a nice responsive slave because I need to relax.

I nodded and said I would make sure she has a great holiday.

Good and in return you will get soundly thrashed and maybe some of this.

She rubbed my cock in a firm hand grip and leaned forward to kiss the end of it.

Who knows,  she grinned up at me,  if you cook some nice meals you might get this sucked.

I smiled at the thought and wiggled my hips in encouragement 

Not now Get completely undressed and go inside and bend 

She pointed to one of the chairs by the dining table, just inside the terrace doors..

I will be back in a moment so assume the position and don't touch yourself.

I moved quickly  to do as I was told. The chair back was quite high so I turned it around and bent forward with my hands on the seat and my bottom pushed back. There was a warm breeze on my bum as the hot air from outside moved into the cool air inside. My bottom would not feel cool for long.

Image result for round spanking paddle with a hole
In a few moments my wife was back standing  behind me, smoothing  the new paddle up and down my legs and across my bottom. I held my breath and with no further warning she struck my ass hard with the paddle. There was no delay to her actions, she just laid into my bottom with the new paddle scolding me along the way. 

As she paddled she reminded me of the first of my 4 acts of carelessness during the road trip 

Your were doing 100 km in that 60 zone near Tours  weren't you.?

Yes Miss but it was an honest  mistake. I just didn't notice the speed limit change so quickly.

It wasn't an honest mistake It was a stupid mistake. I had warned you only a few minutes earlier that the speed limits kept changing near the towns.

Swat, swat, swat the new stinging paddled hit first one cheek and then another in a continuous stream of spanks. It was all  getting lovely and stingling (as Ronnie would say)

You know that we'll probably have a fine waiting in the post when we get back home don't you? I saw that camera flash in the mirror.

Yes Miss. I'm sorry Miss.

The paddle crashed into my bottom again and to be fair I was beginning to enjoy the heat building up under my skin. I pushed my self up on my toes and arched my back trying to get more of my under bottom exposed to the swats and less of the top part of my curves. She threatened me with 100 strokes to equal the speed I had done.

Yes Miss thank you Miss. I deserve the punishment Miss. I was beginning to get into the zone and was craving the pain of the spanking.

The spanking was over all too quickly and I lay gasping over the chair with my leg muscles taught and my bottom throbbing.

My wife made me turn around and sit on the chair. The wooden seat was  blissfully cool.

Try wanking, she commanded, I want to see that cock grow. 

I applied my mind to it for several minutes as she removed all her clothing and wiggled her bottom in front of me. Sadly the pre-spanking the erection would not come back

Ah well, follow me then slave. At least you can give me what I want. 

She took me by the balls and pulled me up and away in to the bedroom..

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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Sunday spanklet

Image result for free angry woman free drawingI left the back door unlocked when I went out yesterday afternoon.

My wife came home from having a manicure and walked into the kitchen to find a large puddle of rainwater on the floor, in addition to the open invitation that I had left to a cat burglar to remove all our belongings.

In her own words I won't be sitting comfortably for a week.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Mistress dream

Over a desk,
Arms outstretched, left cheek face down on the cold wood top.
Perfectly balanced,
Legs stretched apart, feet on tiptoes.
Thigh muscles taught with the strain.

Cane thrumming the air.
The sound of the stroke and then the pain.
An arc of white hot flesh turns blood red.
Short exhale and inhale of breath.

One thank you ma'am. Please may I have another?

Of course dear boy, We have only just begun. You deserve everything I am going to give you
and then I will ask you for the service that you owe me..

What a wife. What a Mistress. What luck I had when met her.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Warm weather and hot butts

Image result for nude on sun loungerImage result for nude on sun lounger drawings

Hello. If you had a few days off work I hope you enjoyed them.. It is pretty hot in the UK and BBQ's were smoking all over the country this last weekend. I had a list of jobs in the yard and garden  to get through and my wife has been enjoying many hours lying on the longer taking some rays.

Sorry not to have written the blog for so long and I am somewhat ashamed of my FFF fitness routine which has not amounted to much in past months. I need motivating.

There has not been much spanking in the household but I have been following your blogs and dreaming of a "good seeing-to".

Things suddenly stepped up a gear on Friday, brought on by the hot weather and the fact that my wife was padding around in the nude in the bedroom, which is something she never does when it is cold.

After making her morning coffee  I was summoned to see her in the bathroom. She was holding the bathbrush and looked serious.

Go and get the butt plug from your toilet bag

This is a new addition to our toys. I had recently won £50 or so on a lottery ticket and my wife had suggested that since I had been good  about picking her up from the airport that week I could reward myself with a new   instrument. I asked her if I could buy a new butt plug instead of a cane or paddle and she agreed. I went on the internet and chose one of those with a remote control.. I had shown in to my wife when it arrived but we had not used it until now.

I checked that the unit was charged (no more batteries in most sex toys any more) and grabbed some lube jelly from the bag and returned to the bathroom.

Remove your clothes and assume the position, Hands on the sink and push your bottom out

I stripped quickly and put my clothes neatly on the floor by the bath. I got into place and my wife rubbed the back of the brush in circular motions. I pushed my bottom up by going onto my toes. I was anxious and excited at the same time and my thighs shook a little.

Not a sound, she said.

How many strokes ?, I questioned her. Fifty and if you speak again I will add to it.

For the next five minutes or so the room reverberated to the loud sound of wood on bare skin as  she blistered my naughty bare bottom with strong underhand tennis like strokes of the brush. She stopped now and then  to rub my cheeks and to admire how red they were becoming. It took all my will power not to move out of position which I was acutely aware would have only annoyed her and lengthened my punishment.

When she had finished my back was damp with sweat and I was short of breath because I had been holding it in too much instead of breathing normally between the strokes. My legs were aching and I started to stand up..

Stay right where you are and spread your legs wider. I saw a hand reach between my legs and open the cupboard under the sink. She pulled out a box and  heard her pulling on a latex glove with a snap of plastic.My wife stroked my bottom with cool fingertip stroking and kneading of flesh. Then I heard her test the vibrating plug with the remote and she placed some lube jelly around my anus and forced it slowly inside with one finger.

One more minute, she said, nearly ready. i will just put some of this on the plug and then you will be fucked with your friend

I heard the squirt of he jelly laving the tube. 
Are you ready you naughty boy.

Yes maam, ready maam..
Exquisitely slowly she pushed the tip of plug into my anus and then pulled it out. Then she pushed again and pulled it out.And then again and again until she had widened my ring and got me used to the feeling so that I stopped resisting. In one push she had it right inside me  in me and I gasped with the discomfort. I felt my ring close over the thin end of the plug. It was secure and the pian became a rush of pleasure as it settled inside me.

You're wearing this all day boy and I don't want any complaints. 

She reached for the remote and with a click of the switch gave me two or three pulses of vibration.
If your good and well behaved you will get these vibes  as a treat and you will get your bottom thrashed this evening.

Yes ma'am thank you ma'am. I don't deserve you ma'am.

No you don't , now get out and make the bed up.

I picked up my clothes and tidied the bedroom and then got dressed. My movements were a little wobbly as I got used to the plug and to the soreness in my well spanked bottom.

 I had quite a large smile on my face as I went downstairs My gorgeous Mistress had surprised me.

We arrived at the supermarket early. We had decided to do the shopping and then head off to cafe for a brunch. My wife took the trolley and sent me off one way and then another to fetch individual items as she strolled leisurely around the vegetable, meat and cheese counters. At one point I argued that it would be  more efficient if we walked up and down each aisle together. She asked if I was arguing with her? I said no I wasn'I behaved better after that scolding and we finished the shopping in a cheery mood. As we stood in line at the check in my wife reached into her bag and I felt a stimulus of vibration flood through my bum and pelvis. She patted my bottom and smiled at me and then switched off the remote. There was a low buzzing sound but nothing that anyone could tell was coming from my bottom. It was our private joke.


Image result for nude on sun lounger drawings
Image result for nude on sun lounger drawings

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Friday, 18 January 2019


 I am supposed to be doing FFF exercise today but I saw this image and thought it was nice.

The holiday is going well and there is quite a lot of sun and warmth during the day so my wife did a bit of sunbathing yesterday on the secluded terrace of our accommodation in Spain.

She is off to the Turkish Bath today, in the city about 30 minutes away.

I hope she gets the greatest possible massage.

I will do a bit of sightseeing but no alcohol as I am the submissive designated driver.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Short trip away from the grey UK

Related image

Arrived in Spain for a short holiday. Weather very good and lots to see and do to take one's mind off Brexit.

My wife will have that gifted trip to the Turkish Baths and I might get some holiday spanking.