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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Imagine this - it happened about 10 years ago

 I remember when we had a tantric sex session on a Sunday way back  and this time the focus was on me giving my wife a back, legs and foot massage, whilst she lay naked  on her front on rugs and blankets on the floor. I knelt naked beside her. 

She commented that she could see a large bulge of tummy  of mine and that I need to lose weight. I could only agree.

The massage went well and at the end I smothered her bare bottom with kisses. She did not react when I flicked a few tongue kisses between her cheeks and so I carried on when she parted her thighs slightly. My tongue tip entered her rosebud and she moaned and let me stay there. I pushed in deeper into her ring and alternated with playful licking along  her perineum. For more than ten minutes she let me show my total submission to her. Nobody ever loved ass licking more than me.

My wife finally rolled over and went to lie on the bed under the covers and  asked me to pass her the Vibrator.

I did as she instructed and she told me to leave the room and get dressed in my own bedroom. After a nap of about an hour she  came into the kitchen where I was preparing a meal. We kissed and I poured her a drink. Out of the blue she told me to drop my trousers and bend over the back of a kitchen chair. I obeyed instantly and heard the rattle of the wooden spoons in the jar. I knew which one she had chosen - the large olive wood one with the oversized round head. It is definitely more of spanking tool than a spoon. The thwacks came hard and fast, two on each cheek at a time. We were at twenty then thirty in no time and my bottom was toasty hot.

Stay right there and spread your legs wider. she commanded when she paused the spanking, You need to learn that you are not to do anything with my bottom unless I indicate that I want you to, do you understand?

She smacked me very hard up in between my legs so that the tip of the spoon just hit my testicles. I jumped and cursed and she admonished me harshly.

After smacking both cheeks about twenty times and then stopping I was released and told to get on with the meal. I loved my wife then and I love her now- I just wish those spanking days were back. 

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Spain weekend break

 We flew to Seville, Spain for a few days holiday. 

The weather is good and the city is looking great in the sun. The hotel room is a spankers dream. So mani tens of furniture which are just right for your disciplinarian to instruct  “bend over that”.

First there is the ottoman. Very comfortable to receive strokes of the tawse over a relaxed bottom.

Then there was the desk chair. A very uncomfortable wooden back to the chair should you be bent over with your hands gripping the chair seat. And there  is a useful hole in the seat back to have your penis pushed through and whipped on the other side.

Then an easy chair to kneel on for twenty four strokes of the cane.

And then a side tray bench to be tied to  by having a rope round your testicles and taken through the hole on the top and knotted around the base. That way the crop can get you on the bottom or or underneath and on your  sensitive parts.

In days gone by we would probably have used one or more of these pervertible furniture pieces along with the small travel cane and whip.

Hey ho

Saturday 20 January 2024

January 2024 - some highs some lows


How is everyone? I have thought about the spanking blogger fraternity quite a lot and I wish you a great 2024. 

Our marriage has survived and we are settled into a non discipline non spanking life with pretty much no sex. We sleep in separate rooms and I think she gets off with her toys when she wants some relief. I do the same with different toys and quite a lot of self spanking when she is out of the house. I wish things were different and that she was more into kink than she is but hey ho, that’s life. We have done some wild stuff in our 40 odd years together so I must not complain. 

The Australian Open is entertaining.

Enjoy your Saturday 

Sunday 30 July 2023

New video links

 I have refreshed a few video links in the list  over to the upper left hand side of this page. 

Have a good Sunday.

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Breaking the drought

As a reader commented it seems that we may have “broken the drought on our sex and marriage problems”
The approach we took was via a tantric sex programme and videos on the net. I raised my needs a couple of months back and my wife told me she had her needs, so we talked it through and she came up with the tantric touching approach. I felt a bit uncomfortable to start with but over a couple sessions I got the hang of it and we both had some positive results. We avoided sex and I stayed away from my spanko desires. Finally on the eve of my birthday we took the touching to the level of oral sex for her and wanking for me. Afterwards we lay side by side and talked about the next stages.
The next morning there was a whole new atmosphere in the kitchen and we decided to try some afternoon sex this week. 

We can’t get back to our younger days but there is still some life to be had yet.

Monday 24 July 2023

Saying hi


Got a few minutes and thought I would check in and say hi to everyone.

I hope you are all well and enjoying what you are doing  in whichever hemisphere you reside. 

Yesterday was a significant day as we shared the same bed and had sexual relations for the first time in almost two years. We had built up to it slowly during the day and talked about how it would be in bed. 

Let’s see how it goes. 

Friday 17 March 2023

Difficulty with comments

 Try as I might I can’t find a way to leave a comment on another blog or a reply on my own blog when using the phone rather than a laptop. I am logged in correctly but there seems to be some setting that I can’t locate which would allow me to comment. 

I cannot use a laptop because ours is now a shared pc. I have this old iphone on which I can explore my spanking fetlife and write materials but it is all very unsatisfactory.

Monday 13 March 2023

Still around on blogger, but no discipline to report on

Hi folks. I hope all is well with the spanking community and my blog friends. The spankings here remain thin on the ground. I think the sex part of our marriage might be over as my wife is not at all interested.
We are thinking of moving house. One of my first thoughts was what to do  with the blanket chest on the landing which contains a sizeable number of spanking implements. They are not much used now but getting rid of them would be a wrench.
More seriously, the question is where we would move to? I should like to sell up and go and live in Europe and have a motor home and travel around. This is not what my wife wants to do. She wants a small house in the UK, with its excellent public services and low tax rates! 
The absence of sex and spankings is worrying. There has been neither for nine months now. I have dropped hints to no avail. What is to be done?  I have thought about leaving and living on my own. Asking her if it’s ok to visit a disciplinarian. Putting up with things as they are and living with my fantasies because this is called getting older? Answers on a postcard please.


Tuesday 3 May 2022

Stumbling along

 My wife and I talked of many things over the weekend. Mostly home and news stuff. I told her how good she had looked on Saturday evening when we went out with friends. She accepted the compliment. I stroked her back a little and she purred catlike with pleasure. I suggested going upstairs. She said she wasn’t sure. I left it at that. I wanted to ask her to discipline me but didn’t. Hey Ho.