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Wednesday 24 January 2024

Imagine this - it happened about 10 years ago

 I remember when we had a tantric sex session on a Sunday way back  and this time the focus was on me giving my wife a back, legs and foot massage, whilst she lay naked  on her front on rugs and blankets on the floor. I knelt naked beside her. 

She commented that she could see a large bulge of tummy  of mine and that I need to lose weight. I could only agree.

The massage went well and at the end I smothered her bare bottom with kisses. She did not react when I flicked a few tongue kisses between her cheeks and so I carried on when she parted her thighs slightly. My tongue tip entered her rosebud and she moaned and let me stay there. I pushed in deeper into her ring and alternated with playful licking along  her perineum. For more than ten minutes she let me show my total submission to her. Nobody ever loved ass licking more than me.

My wife finally rolled over and went to lie on the bed under the covers and  asked me to pass her the Vibrator.

I did as she instructed and she told me to leave the room and get dressed in my own bedroom. After a nap of about an hour she  came into the kitchen where I was preparing a meal. We kissed and I poured her a drink. Out of the blue she told me to drop my trousers and bend over the back of a kitchen chair. I obeyed instantly and heard the rattle of the wooden spoons in the jar. I knew which one she had chosen - the large olive wood one with the oversized round head. It is definitely more of spanking tool than a spoon. The thwacks came hard and fast, two on each cheek at a time. We were at twenty then thirty in no time and my bottom was toasty hot.

Stay right there and spread your legs wider. she commanded when she paused the spanking, You need to learn that you are not to do anything with my bottom unless I indicate that I want you to, do you understand?

She smacked me very hard up in between my legs so that the tip of the spoon just hit my testicles. I jumped and cursed and she admonished me harshly.

After smacking both cheeks about twenty times and then stopping I was released and told to get on with the meal. I loved my wife then and I love her now- I just wish those spanking days were back. 


  1. Your posts fill me with sadness. If you wife wants a sex free marriage and, especially, no spanking, you should be allowed to pursue your needs outside your marriage, either with a professional or someone you can play with.

    1. Some people thrive on the denial and service aspects...

  2. Your description of the first time licking your wife’s ass brings back memories of my first time. I thought my wife would stop me. It felt so transgressive. But my wife reacted the way yours did. After that ass worship became like an addiction for both of us. I loved the feeling of deep submission. I suppose she liked the sensation because worship sessions always ended with powerful orgasms for her, as I worked her rosebud with my tongue and she used her vibrator on her clit.

  3. well this sounded like it was for punishement and not as sexual foreplay. I envy you for having such a wonderful wife who can and did administer punishement


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