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Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Stumbling along

 My wife and I talked of many things over the weekend. Mostly home and news stuff. I told her how good she had looked on Saturday evening when we went out with friends. She accepted the compliment. I stroked her back a little and she purred catlike with pleasure. I suggested going upstairs. She said she wasn’t sure. I left it at that. I wanted to ask her to discipline me but didn’t. Hey Ho.


  1. Just her hand, my wife uses a bath brush, trust me I get the message loud and clear.

  2. Hope things are going better for you. My girlfriend has been very depressed in the last months, but now she gradually seems to be getting better. The other day I said something she took exception to and I suddenly felt her hand impacting on the seat of my shorts. "Don't be cheeky! Smacked bottom!" A good sign, I thought.

  3. I submit. Whip me

  4. I’ve gotten shy about imposing and asking my wife to discipline me. Hopefully it will come back. SaraE

  5. I got a very hard paddling last night OTK for questioning her desicions. She demands my trust and has made it clear that any indication that I do not trust her wil will result in a punishment. If she says stop it and I don't stop speaking I will more than likely be back over her knee. She uses a Jokari Paddle and it really stings.


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