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Friday, 4 January 2013

Twist and shout

Lots of people seem to have got off to a spanking start to the New Year.

Erica Scott has had her First spanking of 2013 and Gary at Respecting Mistress was  awaiting a caning this week.

Ronnie at Heart and Soul is expecting a lot more caning now that her husband has made a  new years resolution and   Hermione had fun with a spanking and some restraints

Red over at Consensual Spanking has enjoyed a  spanking introduction to the year and Hannah has given A Man in My Position some maintenance strokes with the cane.

For my part I have yet to be dealt with in 2013, but that may happen this weekend.

What got me thinking about the different activities that D/s, FLR and DD bloggers were enjoying this week, was reading the account of Adoring My Wife where his partner J spanked, cropped and flogged him as he played Twister, the floor game from the Seventies.

When I Googled Images of  "Naked Twister" I did not expect to find such a plethora of images of nude people playing the game.

                                                                    Here is one happy group. 

When I played Twister as a teenager this was never on the cards, mores the pity.

And, of course, someone has made a twister video.

1 comment:

  1. Michael,

    Gosh twister, that brings back some memories but nothing like the photo.

    I hope the weekend is all you wish for:)

    Thanks for the mention.



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