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Monday, 14 May 2012

Thoughts of panties and knickers

Over on Respecting Mistress, our FLR internet colleague has been working hard at his relationship and has some interesting tales to tell of his pathway into discipline and submission As he struggles to adapt to his wife being the boss and to take his cane and strap strokes with relish, he also recounts his interest in PVC. This is not my bag, but each to his own. Some items of fetish clothing which I did not know exist are PVC knickers for men. RM  is obliged to wear these when he reports for his discipline sessions, though I guess that they are removed before the spanking begins. RM Punishment Pants

Reading his blog got me thinking about the male predilection, in the spanking scene, for wearing feminine underwear. I am not addressing the roleplay of sissy’s and full female dressing up, only a male's desire to wear panties or knickers.

 Over on Our Bottoms Burn  Bogey is keen on taking the paddle over a girdle or large size panties. I should point out that he and Bacall are sensual spankers rather than punishment paddlers.

There are plenty of other blogs to read where the male spankee is into pantie wearing and quite a few sites where they can be purchased discreetly online.

 In our house there is no need to be secretive about buying them - we just go to the renowned knicker store M & S and choose them off the racks.

I have been keen on wearing knickers for most of my adult life. I was maybe 11 or 12 when I was spanked by an Aunt for looking through her underwear drawer. I thought she was out for a while but she caught me in the act. Whether or not this got me into spanking or knickers or both I don’t know.

Nowadays I have a collection of nickers, all of which are kept in a bedside cupboard drawer. My wife chooses which ones we purchase and I am not supposed to wear them without her knowledge. My current Punishment Panties are the ribbed "control" type with a deep panel at the front  and  a thong at the rear. My wife prefers to cane or whip me in these because she does not find my dangling "bits" appealing and has no wish to see them when I am bent over. These punishment pants offer no protection of course. My wife likes them because they are obviously tight and restrictive on me and they keep my stomach in a little bit.

 I am supposed to wear my other  knickers only when she says so. Often this will be when we are going out. She likes to think of me feeling uncomfortable over some long dinner party or trip to the theater.

I have of course disobeyed my wife's instructions many times and put on a pair of knickers when I have been going to the office or facing a long work meeting. Most of the time I am not found out, but once or twice she has ordered a quickie spanking in the kitchen or bedroom and discovered that I have them on when my trousers were removed.. This has usually resulted in more severe punishments at a later date.

One of my more pleasurable domestic duties is to look after my wife's lingerie drawer and keep it tidy. I am happy to spend a few minutes each day folding the knickers and keeping them in order of cut or style. 

If  I am on my own in the house, I might pull out a pair of her frilly ones and try them on for a quick hand job. I would not wish to be caught doing this of course.

I can't imagine being allowed to wear a pair of these control pants. The padding looks as though it would give too much protection.

I suppose I am psychologically flawed having this fetish, but I guess it doesn't harm anyone and my wife is happy to go along with it so I suppose I am one of the lucky ones.


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your fetish. I assume knickers are the panties women wear? It is not a common expression in the US. You may be amused to know that the NY NBA team is called the Knicks, but the full name is the Knickerbockers. So, we have a basketball team named after knickers.

  2. Thanks for sharing Michael. M&S do have a good range of knickers:)


  3. If you are psychologically flawed, then so am I and a lot of other men. I say don't worry about, enjoy it.


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